Lim Ghepni

Adventurous Noble Scion


Lim Ghepni is a galactic adventurer and heir to the noble House Ghepni of Onderon. As well as culminating a reputation as a fearsome gunslinger and skilled diplomat, he was crucial in the defeat of the rogue organization RANCOR and its leader, Fors Kentari.

After living a lavish life in the manor he was born into, Lim took a cue from many other of his friends and rebelled, acting out and disobeying the will of his parents, Lord Devron and Lady Vuhraa Ghepni. One of these oubursts led to Lim taking on of his father’s shuttles for a joy ride, crashing it and leading to his fateful meeting with the ancient wardroid LE-RYO5T.

Soon after, following the advice of LE, Lim finally decided to finalize his independence by stealing yet another ship—a Loronar E-9 Explorer-class scout ship he dubbed The Platinum Star—and making his way towards the Outer RIm. Along the way he picked up two fellow travelers going in the same direction: Oki Koth and Parr Seevret.

Lim Ghepni

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