Oki Koth

Advenutring Academic, Jedi Apprentice


Oki Koth is an adventuring scholar from Coruscant, as well as the apprentice to Jedi Knight Elaiza Rholar. Along with his fellow travelers Lim Ghepni, LE-RY05T, and Parr Seevret, he was pivotal in defeating the rogue special operations organization RANCOR.

During his travels Oki grew from a neophyte field scholar to a respected hero of the Rebel Alliance, accomplishing feats with his friends such as finding the lost wreckage of the Sa Nalor, defeating the experimental N-K Necrosis combat droid, winning the Cloud City Grand Prix, and successfully stealing the Jewel of Yavin. During his travels he discovered his latent sensitivity to the Force, and eschewed his academic advancement in favor of Jedi training.

Oki Koth

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