Parr Seevret

Quiet Wandering Bounty Hunter


Parr Seevret is an Aldaraanian bounty hunter and close and close ally of the crew of the Heir Apparent_. Together with Lim Ghepni, LE-RY05T, and koth" class=“wiki-content-link”>Oki Koth, she was integral in stopping the machination of the rogue organization RANCOR.

The daughter of the Alderaanian pilot Rhubis Sevreet, Parr left her home planet as soon as she came into adulthood, taking up the bounty hunter’s trade in defiance of her father’s wishes. She would later learn of the destruction on Alderaan and loss of her father, and began travelling the galaxy aimlessly until she met Lim Ghepni and LE-RY05T several months after the destruction of the Death Star. She then began accompanying his group until the Assault on Concordia months later.

Parr Seevret

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